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0.6.0RC available for testing

by The Prosody Team. Tags: testing-release .

We’ve just let out a release candidate for 0.6.0, the first release of our new 0.6 branch. This branch contains quite a few new features, and so we’re keen for it to receive as much testing as possible before the official release. Highlights of the new branch include: Console: Commands to add/remove hosts, reload the config and shutdown MUC: Allow multiple sessions of the same JID to use the same nick MUC: Support for persistent rooms MUC: Support for roles, affiliations, config and admin controls mod_compression: zlib compression support for XMPP sessions TLS for s2s connections Per-host SSL/TLS certificates for vhosts New importer for MySQL ejabberd dumps Compatibility with vCard fetching from ejabberd chatrooms When we release the final version there will be a more complete overview of each of these new features accompanying the release announcement.

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