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JSON Encodings for XMPP

by The Prosody Team

By popular demand from some parts of the web community the XSF published a new XMPP extension today - XEP-0295. At long last this XEP brings us a standard for XMPP streams that employ the standard lightweight data interchange format known as JSON.

We all know that JSON is simple, light and fast - and of course these properties align very well with the Prosody project. For that reason, we have been working hard all day to provide the first implementation of this new stream format… and are happy to announce the immediate release of mod_json_streams!

Simply install mod_json_streams as you would any other plugin (requires Prosody 0.8) and you can start using JSON streams right away! More documentation can be found on the prosody-modules wiki page for mod_json_streams.

While client developers can now rally to implement XEP-0295 in their software, we have already developed a plugin for the popular Strophe JS library to allow web developers to incorporate this into their projects right away. After loading this Strophe connection plugin simply point Strophe at http://your-server:5280/jsonstreams and watch the JSON fly!

Those interested will be glad to know that we are already at work on our next big interface - HTML(5) based streams, complete with support for optional closing tags in stanzas, and an embedded scripting language for manipulating them once they reach clients.


Prosody is a lightweight and flexible XMPP server designed with ease-of-use and extensibility in mind.

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