Prosody 0.8.0rc2 available for testing

Time for a new release candidate for 0.8! If you aren't familiar with the new features in 0.8 yet, please refer to our announcement of 0.8.0rc1.

No major issues have been found since RC1, but we've found and fixed a number of minor ones, and sneaked in a couple of small features we've been working on that didn't quite make RC1 in time.

This includes a new migrator for moving data from the current file-based backend to the SQL backend, and vice-versa. The plan is to merge our other migration utilities for ejabberd and XEP-0227 into this one, and create the ultimate data migration tool :)

Download links are down below as usual, but here follows a summary of the changes made since RC1:

As always feedback is welcome on anything in the release. Documentation for the new data migrator can be found on our site.