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PEP improvements in trunk

by The Prosody Team. Tags: features .

Our next trunk nightly release uses a new implementation of PEP (XEP-0163) by default. PEP is used for a number of things, primarily sharing with your contacts: Extended statuses (e.g. sharing the user’s current playing music, their mood, activity, etc.) Avatars OMEMO keys Chatroom bookmarks While PEP started out as a simplified form of ‘pubsub’ and a way to share information with your contacts, it quickly became clear that it was also a neat mechanism for sharing public info with non-contacts (such as OMEMO keys) or sharing private data (such as saved chatrooms) with other clients on your account.

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Proxy-less BOSH with Prosody

by Matthew Wild. Tags: features .

Prompted by Jack Moffitt’s post on cross-domain BOSH I have added support for the necessary HTTP headers to Prosody. This means that providing the user has a modern browser, no proxy is required to connect to the BOSH URL (usually running on a separate port to the normal web server) via (for example) Strophe.js or JSJaC. In Prosody trunk (to become the 0.7 version) simply add to your config: cross_domain_bosh = true This allows a script on any website to connect to your BOSH URLs.

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Prosody plus Gajim equals Faster Logins

by The Prosody Team. Tags: features .

Today elghinn, a Google Summer of Code student working on Gajim this year, completed the first goal of his project: implementing roster versioning support in Gajim. In the standard XMPP protocol, a client must ask the server for the user’s contact list (roster) each time it logs in. If (like certain people) you have a lot of contacts, then it could be a significant saving in bandwidth and processing time to be able to skip this roster download.

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