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Survey reminder and FOSDEM

by The Prosody Team

This is a reminder that the 2019 community survey is still open, as announced earlier.

We are always discovering new people and projects using Prosody that we were unaware of. We do not have any kind of tracking in Prosody, and it is impossible for us to know how many deployments there are worldwide. It is therefore easy for us to miss out on feedback from users who are not actively engaged in the project, but whose feedback is just as valuable to us.

With this in mind, we have drafted a 2019 community survey, which we would love you to fill out. It will help us form our roadmap for the releases ahead.

We also have a new email address, - we’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on anything related to the project.

If you’re going to FOSDEM this weekend then you can also come and find us at The Realtime Lounge in the K building upper floor, we’d love to meet you!


Prosody is a lightweight and flexible XMPP server designed with ease-of-use and extensibility in mind.

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