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Prosody 0.8.0RC1 available for testing

by The Prosody Team

Hello everyone!

Finally, the announcement everyone has been waiting for… we’re very proud to present a release candidate for Prosody 0.8.0!

Prosody 0.8 contains a number of features that people have been eager to see. In particular it is now easy to extend Prosody’s authentication and storage via plugins. This means Prosody can grow to support a large range of databases and 3rd-party authentication systems.

This is a non-exhaustive list of changes since 0.7:

  • Support for pluggable storage backends, including:
  • Support for pluggable authentication backends
  • Ad-hoc commands are now included by default, to allow managing Prosody via your XMPP client.
  • The built-in mod_muc for hosting chatrooms gained many new features, including password-protected and members-only/invite-only rooms.
  • Components such as gateways and transports can securely be prevented from being accessed by remote servers (disallow_s2s = true).
  • BOSH: Support for preserving the client’s real IP through trusted proxies.

If you are packaging Prosody then you should take a look at our documentation for packagers for more notes about this release related to building and packaging.

If there are no major issues found in this RC then the final 0.8.0 release will be made in the next couple of weeks.

All feedback is welcome, especially from people testing SQL storage. We are working on putting together a migrator to move data from one storage backend to another, expect that to be announced here soon. For more info see out storage documentation.

Known issues

Since packaging and testing RC1 we have found a couple of small issues that will be corrected in the final release:

  • The ‘authentication’ option is not documented in the config file. See this documentation for now.
  • Tracebacks are shown if SQL storage is selected but LuaDBI is not installed. See this page for installation instructions.
  • The Windows build does not include LuaDBI. Addon packages for SQLite and MySQL are provided separately.






Prosody is a lightweight and flexible XMPP server designed with ease-of-use and extensibility in mind.

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