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Prosody 0.7.0rc1 available for testing

by The Prosody Team
Tags: release

This is a release candidate for the upcoming (and long-awaited) Prosody 0.7.0. With some testing and user feedback we hope that this will become the official 0.7.0 release in a week or two.

The main new feature of the 0.7 branch is support for libevent, meaning Prosody can efficiently handle large numbers of connections on a variety of platforms (expect benchmarks soon…). There is now also support for Cyrus SASL to handle authentication, allowing the use of LDAP, PAM, SQL or a range of other authentication methods such as GSSAPI.

Tobias Markmann has also added support for SCRAM, a new authentication mechanism that solves a lot of the problems and weaknesses found in the current and widely-used mechanisms. Prosody’s SCRAM support has been successfully tested against development versions of Pidgin, Pandion and Gajim.

For a while Thilo Cestonaro has been busy contributing plugins to our prosody-modules project. Finally this release pulls in two of his plugins, mod_privacy and mod_proxy65.

A summary of changes since 0.6.1 (a more detailed post will accompany the final release):

  • libevent: Better connection scaling
  • mod_proxy65: XEP-0065: SOCKS5 Bytestreams proxy
  • SASL: Support for Cyrus SASL backend
  • SASL: Support for SCRAM-SHA-1 mechanism
  • SASL: Allow insecure PLAIN authentication on encrypted connections only by default
  • Compression: Support stream compression between servers now, as well as clients
  • SSL: Disable SSLv2 protocol by default as it is insecure
  • PEP: Support for on-demand item retrieval to allow User Avatar support
  • Port multiplexing: Allow multiple services (c2s, s2s, HTTP/BOSH) on a single port
  • Errors: Return the exact reason when server-to-server connections fail
  • MUC: Add support for non-anonymous rooms (real JIDs visible to all)
  • MUC: Allow destruction of rooms by owners
  • BOSH: Cross-domain request support, avoiding the need for proxies
  • mod_privacy: XEP-0016: Privacy Lists
  • MUC: Show precise error when users are kicked from rooms

Known issues: For now the proxy65 module does not work with libevent enabled. Depending on the time taken to develop the fix it will either go into 0.7.0 final or 0.7.1 when ready - but we decided it shouldn’t delay the release.

As always, please report any issues to any of the usual places, see and


Windows: Installer | Zip

OS X: Installer (requires OS X 10.5 or newer, Intel (32bit/64bit) and PowerPC (32bit))

Debian/Ubuntu: 32-bit | 64-bit

Source tarball: prosody-0.7.0rc1.tar.gz


Prosody is a lightweight and flexible XMPP server designed with ease-of-use and extensibility in mind.

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