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Prosody 0.5.1 Released

by The Prosody Team
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Yes, just over a week after 0.5.0 we’re back with a new release!

Prosody 0.5.1 is a minor release to fix some of the issues that have been reported since the release of 0.5.0. It includes a fix to correctly send the room subject when a user joins a MUC room, and a (harmless) traceback caused when sending subscription requests to the server itself.

We have also lowered the urgency of errors when sent to syslog, to avoid the issue on some systems where they are broadcast to all terminals.

Usability was improved in a couple of ways based on feedback from users. Prosody now has better handling of SSL/TLS initialisation errors (such as missing or unreadable certificate files), coaxing as much information as possible from errors reported by the underlying SSL library. Prosody now also warns the user if they put port configuration under a virtual host section (where it isn’t valid, and would have no effect) - another issue which caught some people out.

A concise summary of all changes follows:

  • mod_muc: Fix the sending of the subject on room join
  • posix: Lower the loglevel of error messages sent to syslog
  • Fix traceback when subscription request sent to a host
  • Improve handling/logging of SSL initialisation errors
  • prosodyctl: Drop group if started as root to fix file ownership
  • Fix that directed presence could be sent with no ‘from’
  • Enable timestamps by default when logging to files
  • Warn when port configuration incorrectly under a virtual host
  • Send stream opening tag if needed when sending stream errors
  • PEP: Support for pubsub item retraction, the method some clients (such as Psi) use to stop publishing PEP info
  • Fix possible doubled iq error responses
  • Add the missing ‘help’ command to the telnet console :)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release, whether through patches, testing, or otherwise.


Prosody is a lightweight and flexible XMPP server designed with ease-of-use and extensibility in mind.

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