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Prosody 0.11.4 released

by The Prosody Team
Tags: release

We are pleased to announce a new minor release from our stable branch.

This release contains a number of bug fixes and a couple of performance improvements.

A summary of changes in this release:

Fixes and improvements

  • core.rostermanager: Improve performance by caching rosters of offline #1233
  • mod_pep: Handling subscriptions more efficiently #1372

Minor changes

  • util.interpolation: Support unescaped variables with more modifiers #1452
  • MUC: Mark source of historic messages correctly #1416
  • mod_auth_internal_hashed: Pass on errors #1477
  • mod_mam, mod_muc_mam: Improve logging of failures #1478, #1480, #1481
  • mod_muc, mod_muc_mam: Reschedule message expiry in case of failure
  • mod_mam: Add flag to session when it performs a MAM query
  • prosodyctl check: Warn about conflict between mod_pep and mod_pep_simple
  • prosodyctl check: Warn about conflict between mod_vcard and mod_vcard_legacy #1469
  • core.modulemanager: Disable mod_vcard if mod_vcard_legacy is enabled to prevent conflict #1469
  • MUC: Strip tags with MUC-related namespaces from private messages #1427
  • MUC: Don’t advertise registration feature on host #1451
  • mod_vcard_legacy: Fix handling of empty photo elements #1432
  • mod_vcard_legacy: Advertise lack of avatar correctly #1431
  • prosodyctl: Handle if the setting proxy65_address has the wrong type
  • prosodyctl: Print a blank line to improve spacing and readability
  • MUC: Fix role loss in Nickname change #1466
  • util.pposix: Fix reporting of memory usage in 2-4GB range #1445
  • util.startup: Fix a regression concerning directory paths #1430
  • mod_websocket: Don’t mask WebSocket pong answers #1484
  • net.resolvers: Apply IDNA conversion to ascii for DNS lookups (affects only HTTP queries) #1426
  • net.resolvers.basic: Fix resolution of IPv6 literals (in brackets) #1459


As usual, download instructions for many platforms can be found on our download page

If you have any questions, comments or other issues with this release, let us know!


Prosody is a lightweight and flexible XMPP server designed with ease-of-use and extensibility in mind.

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