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Prosody 0.12.1 released

by The Prosody Team
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We are pleased to announce a new minor release from our stable branch.

While the 0.12.0 release has been a huge success, inevitably people found some aspects that didn’t work quite as intended, or weren’t as polished as they ought to be. With the appreciation for the help from everyone reporting issues to us, we’re happy to now release our best version yet - 0.12.1 is here!

Notably, we made a couple of changes that improve compatibility with Jitsi Meet, we fixed some bugs in our newly-extended XEP-0227 support, invites, and DNS handling. We also improved compatibility with some less common platforms.

A summary of changes in this release:

Fixes and improvements

  • mod_http (and dependent modules): Make CORS opt-in by default (#1731)
  • mod_http: Reintroduce support for disabling or limiting CORS (#1730)
  • net.unbound: Disable use of hosts file by default (fixes #1737)
  • MUC: Allow kicking users with the same affiliation as the kicker (fixes #1724 and improves Jitsi Meet compatibility)
  • mod_tombstones: Add caching to improve performance on busy servers (fixes #1728: mod_tombstone: inefficient I/O with internal storage)

Minor changes

  • prosodyctl check config: Report paths of loaded configuration files (#1729)
  • prosodyctl about: Report version of lua-readline
  • prosodyctl: check config: Skip bare JID components in orphan check
  • prosodyctl: check turn: Fail with error if our own address is supplied for the ping test
  • prosodyctl: check turn: warn about external port mismatches behind NAT
  • mod_turn_external: Update status and friendlier handling of missing secret option (#1727)
  • prosodyctl: Pass server when listing (outdated) plugins (fix #1738: prosodyctl list --outdated does not handle multiple versions of a module)
  • util.prosodyctl: check turn: ensure a result is always returned from a check (thanks eTaurus)
  • util.prosodyctl: check turn: Report lack of TURN services as a problem #1749
  • util.random: Ensure that native random number generator works before using it, falling back to /dev/urandom (#1734)
  • mod_storage_xep0227: Fix mapping of nodes without explicit configuration
  • mod_admin_shell: Fix error in ‘module:info()’ when statistics is not enabled (#1754)
  • mod_admin_socket: Compat for luasocket prior to unix datagram support
  • mod_admin_socket: Improve error reporting when socket can’t be created (#1719)
  • mod_cron: Record last time a task runs to ensure correct intervals (#1751)
  • core.moduleapi, core.modulemanager: Fix internal flag affecting logging in in some global modules, like mod_http (#1736, #1748)
  • core.certmanager: Expand debug messages about cert lookups in index
  • configmanager: Clearer errors when providing unexpected values after VirtualHost (#1735)
  • mod_storage_xep0227: Support basic listing of PEP nodes in absence of pubsub#admin data
  • mod_storage_xep0227: Handle missing {pubsub#owner}pubsub element (fixes #1740: mod_storage_xep0227 tracebacks reading non-existent PEP store)
  • mod_storage_xep0227: Fix conversion of SCRAM into internal format (#1741)
  • mod_external_services: Move error message to correct place (fix #1725: mod_external_services: Misplaced textual error message)
  • mod_smacks: Fix handling of unhandled stanzas on disconnect (#1759)
  • mod_smacks: Fix counting of handled stanzas
  • mod_smacks: Fix bounce of stanzas directed to full JID on unclean disconnect
  • mod_pubsub: Don’t attempt to use server actor as publisher (#1723)
  • mod_s2s: Improve robustness of outgoing s2s certificate verification
  • mod_invites_adhoc: Fall back to generic allow_user_invites for role-less users
  • mod_invites_register: Push invitee contact entry to inviter
  • util.startup: Show error for unrecognized command-line arguments passed to ‘prosody’ (#1722)
  • util.jsonpointer: Add tests, compat improvements and minor fixes
  • util.jsonschema: Lua version compat improvements


As usual, download instructions for many platforms can be found on our download page

If you have any questions, comments or other issues with this release, let us know!


Prosody is a lightweight and flexible XMPP server designed with ease-of-use and extensibility in mind.

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