Prosody 0.9.0beta1 available for testing

It's the news you've all been waiting for! We present the first beta of our upcoming 0.9.0 release. For those of you not already following our development and nightly builds, here are a few of the major changes in this development branch (codenamed 'Prosody Everyone Edition') since 0.8:

Important: This release introduces some changes that require attention from people who upgrade from previous releases. Please read the upgrading section of our release notes to avoid any surprises.

We expect there to be one or two more betas before rc1, and then the final release soon after that.

As always, we appreciate all the help that we get testing Prosody. If you find any issues, please report them.



If you are using our package repository then you can simply install the prosody-0.9 package, which automatically tracks our 0.9 branch.

Alternatively you can download packages manually from here.



Finally, for you old-school folks...